​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cutting-Edge Kids Organization Believes

Love for Oneself and Genuine Connection to Community

will Inspire the Greatest Evolutionary Progress.

All Humans are Special Beings who are capable of Extraordinary feats but we must first learn to Embrace our Uniqueness and Individuality to gain access to our Greater Potential. Understanding and Accepting Ourselves as distinctive individuals is the preliminary step in order to achieve a Higher Collective Consciousness. We are being called to evolve past our current paradigms and work together to heal our planet. Ancient cultures all around the world believe that a higher purpose is found through service to Mother Nature and this can be achieved through Connectivity -- Connection with Ourselves, Our Families, Our Food, Our Communities, Our Land, Animals, and All Living Things. As you take a closer look into humanity, you will begin to see a an interwoven tapestry. Each of us, merely a thread that creates a colorful masterpiece that reveals the bigger picture. 

To accelerate the learning process, our programs are thoughtfully designed to embody a holistic approach to education that blends modern teaching methods fused with nurturing encouragement, which We believe is an essential component for healthy development. Another fundamental ingredient for growth is self reflection, which is an integral element throughout our various programs. Our Goal is to  empower young people to  emerge as independent and proactive citizens of society and eventually influence future generations to do the same!

The ​foundation to evolutionary change begins with the right amount of motivation and a lot of FUN ! 

Cutting-Edge Kids is introducing a New Platform for Young Adults to Speak Freely  on the issues that shape their lives. This Relationship Skills Building Course doubles as an Emotional Support Group for the Generation Z who are looking for structure and solutions to everyday scenarios. Find out Dates and Learn More on the Website tab or our  EventBrite Page.  

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School May be Out for the Summer, but the Learning continues with our Signature Cutting-Edge workshops that will enlighten your child's mind while they play! Check back in with us for more details about the Summer Childcare Program or please Sign up for our Mailing List so we can notify you with updates. Coming Soon to DTLA! 

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Happening Spring 2020 !

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A For-Cause Organization on a Mission to Empower Youth through Socially Progressive, Educational Programs designed to help develop a healthy self awareness and a strong desire to utilize their inherent aptitude and abilities to make meaningful contributions towards a better world. 

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