A For-Cause Organization on a mission to cultivate a philosophy of sustainability through progressive, interactive youth-based educational programs. 

"Cutting-Edge Kids is an effective, highly customized learning program that is essential to the social development of kids everywhere. The program subtly imbues the child with the confidence to step up, to be seen, and know that they matter. The classes are as empowering as they are fun! We've enjoyed watching our son tackle the cooking classes and learn step-by-step practices that he can use anywhere and everywhere to do better in life. Cutting-Edge Kids has changed our lives."

​                                                                      - Jane Hwangbo & Craig Rosenblatt (parents of Anna, 9 & Hugo, 11)

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cutting-Edge Kids is more than a group of kids who learn and play together; its an Ideology. We embody a holistic approach to education that naturally blends modern teaching methods infused with nurturing encouragement, something we perceive to be essential to early childhood development. We believe that all kids are unique and special so our activities are thoughtfully designed to tap into their well of imagination while challenging them to think critically so they can accomplish a goal. We praise their effort; not the result. Trying something new is not always easy, but with consistent practice and patience; a stronger sense of self will emerge. Our primary focus is to deepen their understanding of concepts that affect their daily life like health and nutrition, environmental conservation, and most importantly; their personal spiritual wellness. The Advanced workshops teach practical skills that will allow young adults to be more  self sufficient. By empowering younger generations to be independent, the trend will eventually influence future generations to evolve past our current state of being .  The ​foundation to evolutionary progress begins with the proper motivation. 

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Summer Fundraising Launch Party !

We are ending the Summer on a sweet note! Our Official Launch Party will be the first time we introduce our holistic childcare program and our grand plans to bring our community project "Datenights to Dtla". The night will be curated by our special guest mc, ivan johnson jr. from the security agency. Guests will enjoy Stand-Up Comedy, Refreshments, and raffle Prizes! Visit local wellness vendor booths in the gallery space to get a free health consultation and education on your personal health status. We are also excited to be featuring a Young Promising  Fashion Design Label, Artistokat ! Try on colorful designs and patterns while you snack on healthy treats! Admission includes a raffle ticket and a goody bag!  experience the cutting-edge culture! 

Family Days at the L.A. Kitchen 

L.A. Kitchen is revealing the power of food to everyone. From high school students to Senior citizens to those recently incarcerated- there can never be too many chefs in this kitchen. This organization is an IMPRESSIVE example of how to treat every living thing with respect and value. L.A. Kitchen Welcomes our communities to find sustainable solutions for our food and our people! They re-purpose food that would normally go to waste and with the help of their happy volunteers are able to feed the less fortunate. So roll up your sleeves and Bring the whole Family! . the Kitchen is open for families to prepare meals together and working side by side to nourish the community while enjoying quality bonding time.