We Are A Family!

This Program is not just for kids, it's a family run organization and a community project as well. We intend to change the way people view the idea of spending "quality time" together as a family. During our "Family Day" volunteer workshops, families get to enjoy time to talk and catch up while they work along side each other to contribute towards the betterment of the community. That positive energy and deeper bond that is created during the workshop is brought back home as a souvenier for the whole family to cherish.

The Cutting-Edge Kids Organization promotes sustainable living through creatively stimulating,  socially engaging, and cooperative learning child care workshops. Each workshop focuses on an alternative concept which is then presented through a variety of interactive hands-on activities as well as demonstrated with real examples that show how it relates to their everyday life. During activities the students will also be asked to practice sustainability by reducing their use of paper and other materials. Many of the materials used for the projects are re-purposed, recycled and, up-cycled. There will be group projects that may require them to work together to think critically and solve a problem or they may even be asked to use their imagination to create a theatrical performance to act out in front of the whole group. By working together, our activities promote mutual respect amongst peers, strengthening social bonds regardless of diversity in age, race or background. Our innovative program also contains cultural and philanthropic activities to teach our youth how to be kinder, more well-rounded individuals. Along with hands-on projects we believe that processing information is also essential to learning, especially an unfamiliar subject, so there will be time for the kids to journal their thoughts and feelings. We will also give writing prompts as a way to evaluate comprehension and track their individual progress.  

The ultimate goal of the program is to give kids useful knowledge they can transfer into their daily lives. Learning valuable life skills they can continue to develop over time will improve their self-worth and commitment to their personal self-improvement. Confidence is a muscle that requires consistent training - we share a safe space for kids to build that foundation and encourage them to find admiration in each other and most importantly, themselves.

We talk about things like energy, space, time, financial literacy, environmental conservation, nutrition and spiritual wellness. They will explore these topics through a variety of modalities like public speaking, performing, cooking, solving puzzles, and even building with their own hands! Whether it is cooking a cost-effective, nutritious meal for their family or eventually inventing an alternative energy generator that could power an entire city, we provide the tools for our students to make a tangible impact on the lives around them.  

The Peer MentorShip Program

We emphasize the importance of cooperative learning through peer leadership. The Peer Mentorship Program is an opportunity for young adults to sharpen their ability to conduct a group of students and have a lot of fun while doing it! Our dedicated Mentors will facilitate the childcare workshops as well as actively participate in various volunteering field trips with their younger buddies. It is a rewarding feeling to enrich the lives of others while exploring the strengths and ambition of oneself. During their journey, the Mentors will come to develop their own interpretation of what it means to be a Mentor, Role Model, or simply Loyal Friend. 

All of those who participate in the program will receive specially designed "Cutting-Edge" training which prepares them to be expertly lead their workshop topic and get the most out of the session. They will also learn teaching techniques that will help student participation. We are creating an accessible social network where young people can exchange ideas and work together to make this world a better place. 

Modern Education for a Brighter Tomorrow

We believe that the depth of our human experience lies in our connections with others and our pursuit of education. That's how we evolve as a culture and that's how we evolve as a human species. 

"Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live And let's change the way we treat eachother. You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do what we gotta do to survive."

-TuPac Shakur

"Be The Change you Wish to See in

The World."    - Mahatma Gandhi