Life Cycles are important for us to understand  the different stages and phases of all existence. We start to bring our lessons full circle and the concept of sustainability becomes clear and we continue to put it into practice. We explore the ideas of "Re-Cycling", "Up-Cycling" and Re-purposing and how changing simple habits (as well as our perspective) can have a major impact on the living world around us.


Energy is the fundamental building block of life. It can be measured, converted, transferred, manifested, traded and can also be used to heal. Where does energy come from? Our food! We learn that the better we eat the more vital we feel. We introduce the kids to the ancient practices of Yoga and Rei-ki. They will learn to use their life force energy to feel calmer and more at peace with themselves and each other. We hope that the Power of Positivity will help put an end to bullying! Practicing acceptance and kindness will help attract more happy energy in our everyday lives! 

We put Safety First ! The well-being of your children is our primary concern and we want to reassure you that they are in good hands with us! For that reason, all of our Mentors are required to have a Live-Scan Background Check to ensure safety and credibility. You will find our safety protocols as well as our hygiene policy in the Parent's Package. Ask us for more info! Before the workshop begins, you will receive an updated newsletter with a  full itinerary of the activities and everything else you need to know! 

Put it all together and what do You get?!

A Solar-Powered Vehicle! ... And That's what its ALL about! The Kids bring all the concepts together when they are given the task of designing their very own robotic car. They will purchase parts and accessories to assemble it and Team up with their Mentor to Power it to Life ! Once we finish engineering our "sustaina- MoBile", then the real fun begins ! So get ready to meet us at the finish line!

On your Marks, Get Set, GROW!

Too COOL for School !


                                        Program acts as a common  thread throughout the program. This company does an outstanding job in teaching kids financial literacy to provide a sound foundation for tomorrow. Our workshops naturally integrate this concept by implementing an accountability tracker, where the kids earn more money through their good behavior and lose money for the opposite offenses. We teach them that it Pays to be Good Person! They will also enjoy some friendly competition when they play classic games like Simon Says, Jeopardy, and Family Fued on the topics related to the weekly topic. The winners deposit more money into their personal accounts.

And last but not least. . .

It's Electric!! Boogie Boogie Boogie! The electronic vibrations from this week's activities will put your kids in a full-bodied trance of amazement! They exercise how to FEEL the music and liberate their spirit. Power is one way energy can be used and the group explores the power living within us. We discover the various sources that power can be generated.  Some unlikely citrus friends join us in an experiment that will surely spark their imagination!  

Upcoming 2018 Workshops :


Your Kids will be taken on a Journey through the Space-Time Continuum. They will learn how to channel enough Energy to be able convert it into the Power it needs to Move a Solar-Powered Vehicle that they've designed themselves from Re-Purposed Materials! So Torque it, Torque it, Boys and Girls! We are taking no stops to our destination of a more sustainable future!

We mix up different experiential modalities like Yoga, Performance Arts, and Cooking to give your child an All-Sensory experience that demonstrates the Main Topic of the evening. While our goal is full participation, sometimes kids just wanna color and draw by themselves! And that's OKAY!

We encourage a safe space for creative freedom, our desginated Artistic Freedom Zone grants them a variety of art & crafts supplies as well as books and board games to enjoy  at their own pace.

Meals and Refreshments will be provided. Check the Weekly Newsletter for the Full Menu.