ARE YOU a Parent who is looking for a fun and alternative way to invest in your child's personal development?   Your kids will be in good hands with us! We will Immerse them in a supportive community that will improve their overall confidence and well-being . We invite you to stay to watch the introduction ice breaker activities at the workshops to get a glimpse of our program in action. Also, be sure to sign up for the "FAMILY DAYS". Feel good about serving your community and hanging out with your kids at the same time! 

HAVE YOU recently graduated college and looking for a fun and positive way to gain real work experience? Apply yourself to be a Cutting-Edge Mentor for our Summer Internship Program.  Enjoy on-going training, team building field trips and special awards for all your hard work. Be a part of a growing social network that is dedicated to positive change. Meet other interesting and motivated individuals like yourself to  collaborate on projects you are passionate about. Find your purpose and meaning through helping others!

ARE YOU a local small business who really believes your product will innovate the future? Be a Cutting-Edge Sponsor for the opportunity to showcase your product during our special events and workshops in front of your target audience who will also support your cause!

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DO YOU KNOW a local charity organization in Los Angeles who are also on a mission to help solve the problems plaguing our present society? Contact us so we can turn a Spotlight onto our fellow humanitarians and recognize them for their hard work towards real change. We can Help! Afterall, we are all working for the same goal:  A Better World for our Kids to Live in! 

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