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Evoke Yoga LA is a premier hot yoga studio in the heart of DTLA. They offer a special introductory pass for $25 for 2-week unlimited yoga for new students. They also have a Free Karma Class every Saturday at 1:00pm. Come try out all the unique classes and workshops with their colorful cast of Spiritual healers, leaders, dancers and an array of yogis. 

The Money Munchkids Classroom Curriculum for Financial Education was created to fill the current financial education void that exists in our schools today. The curriculum starts where most schools leave off; at identifying and counting money. The  lessons cover a wide variety of money-related topics such as the history of money, bartering, income, expenses, needs vs wants, banks, debit vs credit cards, budgeting, compromise, supply and demand, investing, charity and how all of these concepts work together on an everyday basis. 

The Security


Great Gain Athletics Inc is a sports mentoring organization serving the Los Angeles area and surrounding communities. They seek to improve the lives and well being  of aspiring athletes by mentoring through a Youth & Pro Club programs as well as community events. They strive to give young people the best chances to succeed as athletes beyond the game.

Designing with Intense Passion to make the world shine Bright with Fashion! Katarzyna Lanckoronska's exquisite pieces are all hand-made and custom beaded, modern couture produced in the heart of Downtown LA's Fashion District. You can browse and shop for her one-of-a-kind designs on Etsy:

The Security A.G.E.N.C.Y.  has 40 years of honesty and integrity. They have secured a variety of venues from the Emmy Awards to high risk locations.  "All Gains Enormous Numbers Commit Yourself" - is the philosophy they train all of their Independent Security Agents with. They are committed to securing People, Property, and your Peace of Mind.